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The Often Understated Emotional Benefits to Swinging

We’ve entered a new era. An era where the swinger lifestyle is less fringe and more mainstream. There are more and more couples looking to leverage the swinger lifestyle for various emotional reasons, which flies in the face of prior perspectives.

Today, we understand there’s a plethora of emotional benefits found in the properly pursuing the swinger lifestyle. Although, many of these benefits are highly understated and overlooked. We thought we’d point a few out particularly for those who are looking to embark on a new facet of your relationship.

Opening up your relationship can be challenging, daunting, and downright scary. If you’re browsing an open relationship website, there’s a high likelihood you’re looking to inject more romance, passion, and connection into your current relationship. There’s no doubt that the swinger lifestyle infuses relationships with more excitement, but it can also evolve the emotional pillars of a relationship.

Here’s how.

Swinging May Create a More Intense Bond

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When a marriage or relationship begins to fail, the centerpiece issue tends to be communication. One partner wants things, the other partner desires other things, but neither partner knows the other partner’s “things.” Communication often seems simple, which is why its such an elusive issue when relationships deteriorate.

You can’t solve an issue if you don’t accept that it exist.

When you embark on the swinger lifestyle, communication must reside at the forefront. You can’t swing without communicating your wants, needs, and ultimately, your desires, in an honest, forthright manner. This is why many distressed marriages turn to swinging in the first place.

Its not just you and yours setting boundaries for one another, but other couples you entertain the idea of swinging with will want to better understand your relationship goals and limitations. So you’re forced to talk with your signifigant other about the relationship from a holistic perspective. And that’s likely the core problem in the relationship in the first place.

Communication about sexual desires and mental needs intensifies relationship bonds. Think of the initial stages of the swinger lifestyle as therapeutic undertakings which bring all the feels to the top.

You May Strive to Look Better

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Vanity is an often condemned aspect of a relationship because it carries with it “shallow” vibes. We get it. The mental connection should be the strongest bond, but we can’t discount the laws of physical attraction.

When a marriage or dating relationship becomes dull, we sometimes let ourselves go. Letting ourselves go physically includes poor diet, little exercise, and less time growing mentally. This isn’t only about us getting lazy, its about us caring less about our partner’s needs.

When we begin putting ourselves out there in the swinger networks, we rejuvenate our desire to look good. And that has a compounding affect into our current relationship. You may find that you and your partner suddenly attend to diet again, or take more trips the gym, or even drink less alcohol. And because you both suddenly look and feel better, your personal relationship will grow. It will be as if you’ve turned back the wheels of time to when you first met and wanted to impress one another.

You’ll Make More Friends

Friendship remains important even following marriage. But all too often, married couples allow old friendships to fall off the map. But those connections help us stay leveled, and they infuse each partner with outlets.

The swinger community isn’t only about new physical relationships, but equally, about new connections. Now, you may have specific swinger boundaries that interrupt the escalation of friendships and that is fair. But you’ll still get to know other couples even if only in passing. Those connections will still make an impact on your current relationship.

You May Feel Better About Yourself

The swinger community tends to be a super open and accepting place. In a singles lifestyle, we may become particularly critical of our looks and occupations and more. This is because today’s culture places a lot of emphasis on shallow concepts. But the swinger community is just, well, different.

Swinger are more likely to accept all of you, flaws included. And you’ll reciprocate the vibes. This leads to an overall healthier perspective of your own self.

You May Become, Errr…. More Creative

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One of the biggest downsides to marriage is the common lull in sexual creativity. Partners become less apt to express what it is they truly desire and enjoy in the bedroom.

When you swing, you must be upfront with what you desire. And that has a healthy affect in your marriage when you aren’t swinging because suddenly your partner is aware of all the fun things you enjoy in bed. This alone can help improve a marriage or dating relationship by leaps and bounds.

You May Become More Adventurous

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Swinging isn’t always an easy step for people. That’s completely fair. Its a big step into a long, life-changing journey.

But once you embark on it, you may find your bravery feels have increased substantially. The swinger lifestyle may help you realize that you aren’t as shy, or unadventurous, as you once thought. This might result in taking more risks and chances.

Skydiving anyone? Eh, we still aren’t ready for that, but you get the idea.