Online Dating Safety Tips

Please Help Us Maintain A Safe Online Community.

As you start your online dating journey, it's important to consider your relationship goals. Additionally, it's crucial to think about the best ways to safely connect and engage with new individuals. Keep in mind, Group Fun does not conduct background checks on our users. While we have measures in place for member protection, your online and offline safety ultimately rests on you, and should be your foremost concern. Utilize these guidelines and sensible approaches to seek a rewarding experience.

Creating Your Profile

Protect your personal information

Anonymity Is Key

Maintain anonymity by refraining from including your last name or any identifying details, such as your workplace, in your profile or initial interactions.

No Personal Information

Avoid including any personal contact details like your email address, residential address, or phone number in your profile or first interactions.

Keep Your Username And Password Private

Be careful when logging into your account from a public or shared computer to prevent others from being able to see or record your password or personal details.

How To Safely Connect With Other Members

Only Communicate Through Group Fun (Until It Is Time To Move Offline)

Exercise care and thoroughly acquaint yourself with an individual, while assessing the relationship, before reaching out to them outside of Group Fun. Whether it be through phone calls, personal email, or social media platforms. Additionally, contemplate the use of an anonymous email when communicating with individuals outside of Group Fun.

Exercise Caution

Do not rely solely on any dating site for security; take responsibility for your safety by researching and gathering information about the person you plan to meet. Look into their presence on social media, conduct online searches to check for information, and utilize public records and paid services to investigate. It should be noted that Group Fun DOES NOT REGULARLY SCREEN OUR MEMBERS, INVESTIGATE THEIR BACKGROUND, ATTEMPT TO CONFIRM THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY OUR MEMBERS, OR CARRY OUT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS OF OUR MEMBERS.

Never Send Money

Group Fun is 100% Free, with no upsells or paywalls, so no one should ever request money or your financial details from you. Always ensure to keep your banking and account information confidential.

Report Members Who Don't Follow The Rules

We are counting on you to help keep our community safe. Block and Report all spammers, threats, and everything else that doesn't meet our guidelines. Here is our support link.

Tips On Meeting In Person

Be Smart, Stay Safe

Embarking on a date with a new person is a thrilling milestone in a relationship, but it's important to remain cautious. When meeting someone face-to-face for the first time, it's crucial to take safety measures and keep in mind these guidelines of what to do and what not to do.

  • Inform your friends or family about your whereabouts and expected time of return
  • Arrange to meet in a crowded public location
  • Make sure to use your own vehicle for transportation to and from the date
  • Be mindful of your alcohol consumption
  • Keep an eye on your belongings such as your wallet, phone, and other personal items
  • You should feel free to leave if you start to feel uneasy at any point Keep your cell phone with you
  • Make plans to check in with a friend or family member once the date is over

Scammers And Spammers

Report Them Immediately

Keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. If you have a feeling that the person you're chatting with could be lying, trying to get you to click on non- links, or trying to sell you something, cease communication and promptly report them. All messages have a “report user” at the top.

  • Requesting money or financial details—especially to assist with covering travel expenses or medical expenses
  • Reaching out from a different location (or claiming to be from your area but stranded in a foreign country)
  • Resisting the idea of meeting in person or engaging in a phone conversation
  • Declaring love or pressuring for a serious commitment before meeting or genuinely getting to know each other
  • Insisting on obtaining your phone number, email, or other personal and financial details
  • Immediately requesting to communicate through a different platform other than Group Fun right away (such as texting, calling, using another website, etc.)
  • Repeatedly saying the same things or appearing to be disconnected from the conversation
  • Avoiding your inquiries or providing responses that are unrelated
  • Attempting to sell you goods or services proposing a job or investment opportunity (like urging you to invest in cryptocurrency)
  • Redirecting you to other websites or a pornographic site