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Taking the Leap: How to Transition from Monogamy to an Open Relationship

If you’re reading our open relationship dating blog, there’s a good chance you’re one of many people exploring the idea of abandoning monogamy. Your embracing discomfort while preparing to face your fears.

Today, we’ll discuss what you can expect while transitioning from monogamy to non-monogamy.

There are many types of open relationships. There’s swingers, throuples, and less defined versions of open relationships. All of these types of open relationships offer unique dynamics. However, the way in which they are all connected is that they are non-monogamous. The transition into each from a monogamous relationship status offers roughly the same challenges.

Monogamy is the universally accepted way of relationships. Even though the divorce rate is ridiculously high, monogamy, even it imploded version, remains the status quo.

Non-monogamy, while it’s growing in popularity, remains a fringe status.

But doors are opening. Celebrities continue to advertise their open relationship pursuits and every day folks are seemingly tired of relapse monogamy failures.

Whether driven by curiosity, a desire for personal growth, or a need for new emotional connections, the transition from a monogamous to an open relationship can be both thrilling and challenging.

Why Consider Transitioning From Monogamy to an Open Relationship?

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The concept probably feels pretty uncomfortable. However, just know, that nothing good in your life happens while your comfortable. It’s difficult to build muscle without suffering hard workouts. It’s impossible to make a living as a stand up comedian without bombing on stage.

Your auditing the current version of yourself, such exploration will lead to discomfort, but also, a better version of you.

Your on a path towards greater self-discovery and fulfillment and we support you. There are many just like you on our open relationship dating app.

For many, the big box reason to explore an open relationship is experiencing failure(s) in monogamous relationships. Sometimes, it’s to save a current relationship. Sometimes, it’s to start anew.

Some couples find that open relationships add new dimensions to their existing connection. They find that it strengthens trust.

Some people may consider the transition merely for sexual enlightment. We aren’t here to judge, but we will say, make sure you understand that open relationships aren’t merely a sex fest. It’s a relationship type that itself has boundaries and consensual, mutual respect. There are many benefits to an open relationship. Open relationships may be able to save your marriage. But you’ll need to do the work.

The Obstacles You Can Expect

Transitioning from a monogamous to an open relationship is not without challenges. It’s a complex process that requires navigating various obstacles. Again, we remind you, nothing good comes from your comfort zone.

You’ll Need To Relearn Communication

If you’re used to monogamy, unfortunately, you may be used to inferior communication. An open relationship centers around deep communication between all partners. Without clear and open communication, misunderstandings can easily occur. Partners may have different expectations and interpretations of what an open relationship means to them.

Communicating your needs while listening and understanding each partner’s needs is a must. It’s your biggest challenge.

In order to meet the challenge, you’ll need to learn to listen. Log gone are the days of saying what someone wants to hear because you think otherwise, they’ll leave you. You need to say what you want and respect what the other person wants. That’s the core capacity of an open relationship.

You’ll Need To Manage Jealousy

Some people believe that jealousy doesn’t exist for swingers and open relationships. That’s far from true. Jealousy is a natural, innate emotion that exist everywhere. At work, we experience jealousy. Driving down the road seeing someone drive the car of your dreams might illicit jealousy.

Jealousy is natural and it’s OK. You shouldn’t look to conceal it or suppress it entirely. Instead, understand that communication is the key in managing jealousy. Setting boundaries and embracing mutual consent can lower instances of jealousy.

When jealousy arises, talk it out. Don’t suppress it.

You’ll Need To Embrace Boundaries

In monogamy, boundaries are assumed. No one really discusses them because there assumed obvious.

In an open relationship, boundaries are discussed and understood by all partners.

The key to navigating ongoing boundaries is discussing them at the start. You should be honest about what you desire. And you should be honest as to whether you are down with what any of your partners desire.

The Fish, The Sea

The open relationship community is growing. The point in telling you this is, as the heading suggest, there are always more fish in the sea. Never compromise your boundaries or desires because you fear lonliness. When you do that, you return to your monogamous failures.

Be honest. Do it the right way. If you do, you’ll thrive on the other side. When you’re ready, join Group Fun and find partners in your area.