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London’s Lively Swingers Scene: From Online Chats to Club Nights

The swinging scene in London is absolutely buzzing. There’s something about a city as buzzing and diverse as London that really draws people in and gets them keen to stick around for a bit of fun. It’s not just the tourists who are gobsmacked by the lifestyle here; plenty of Londoners are well into the swinging scene. It’s more than just London being a massive metropolis; the city’s got a bit of a reputation for being right at the cutting edge of modern dating.

In a place like London, the swingers scene is vibrant, both on the t’internet and in real life. We’re talking a hefty number of swinger clubs, but getting connected with London’s swingers online is a doddle too, provided you’re up for a bit of legwork at the start.

Once you’ve made the acquaintance of a swinger or two in the Big Smoke, you’ll find yourself plunged into an open relationship lifestyle that’s second to none. Honestly, there’s nowhere else on the planet that offers quite the same experience.

Swingers and London: What To Know

London’s swinger scene is, as you’d expect, diverse, buzzing, and absolutely massive. The capital lays on a smorgasbord of experiences for those interested, catering to all manner of tastes and predilections. It’s an incredibly inclusive affair.

Being one of the globe’s most cosmopolitan spots, London’s scene is substantial, but you’d be forgiven for not noticing it’s there unless you were looking. And that’s a boon for those valuing their privacy above all.

Finding fellow swingers online in London is a piece of cake, thanks to the vast and vibrant local community.

As for the events, they swing (pardon the pun) from swanky, top-notch dos in plush venues to more laid-back, casual gatherings in someone’s gaff or the local. But it’s not all about the physical side of things; these meet-ups are also brilliant for forging connections and feeling part of a supportive, like-minded bunch.

Where to find London Swingers?

Whether you’re in the Big Smoke on holiday, here for a bit of business, or you’re a local through and through, diving into London’s lively swinger scene can go down two main paths. You’ve got the option to hit up one of the many swinger clubs dotted across London, a perfect chance to meet new faces. Mind you, this often means braving late nights and forking out for not-so-cheap entry fees.

Alternatively, you could take a gander at platforms like Group Fun, which is a doddle to use, won’t cost you a penny, and makes it a breeze to sift through potential connections — choosing who tickles your fancy and who doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Or, why not mix and match? We’ve noticed plenty of folks dipping their toes into online swinger sites to link up with others in the UK, only to then find themselves mingling in some of London’s top swinger spots. Seems like there’s a bit of truth to the old saying about moderation and indulgence — a little bit of what you fancy does you good, as long as you don’t overdo it.

All the same, here’s a few top Swinger destinations in London.

Le Boudoir Club

A private members club with a reputation for being a welcoming space for both seasoned swingers and newcomers. Known for its elegant and safe environment, Le Boudoir offers various themed nights catering to different interests and orientations.

Le Boudoir has a reputation of throwing wild parties to the tune of 150 or more a year. While these events cater to ethically non-manogamous relationships, they also include fun for singles. You should definitely keep up with their upcoming events, they have a lot of fun planned.

Le Boudoir is a perfect destination for both beginners and more experienced swingers. Even you meet a swinger online in London, you may end up here at some point during your journey.

Our Place 4 Fun

Known for its friendly and no-pressure atmosphere, OurPlace4Fun is often hailed as one of the cleanest and well-maintained clubs in the city. It offers a safe space for couples and singles looking to explore the lifestyle.

They often feature early bird discounts for those arriving before 11 AM. And thus, you can guess what time the real action goes down. So if you’re someone who appreciates a decent bedtime, you may struggle with the Our Place 4 Fun crowd. You’ll also pay a hefty cover. Again, its a fun time here and there.

Club Pedestal

Screenshot from Club Pedestal website

Club Pedestal is a step up in swinger intensity. A fetish and BDSM club that hosts nights specifically for those interested in female domination and male submission. While not a swinger club in the traditional sense, it’s a popular spot for those in the lifestyle looking to explore other facets of their sexuality.

Club Pedestal truly stands out in London’s swinger scene with its unique feature known as Pedestal House Slaves. It’s exactly as intriguing as it sounds and then some. These volunteers don red collars and aprons, dedicating themselves to serving the female guests in a variety of ways. Their role? To exhibit unwavering obedience to the women of the club. This service ranges from offering refreshments to shining shoes, giving foot massages, fetching drinks, and much more. It’s this distinctive play that sets Club Pedestal apart from other swinger clubs in London, offering an unparalleled experience that explores power dynamics in a safe and consensual environment.

You can visit their site and learn more here.

Fever Parties

Catering specifically to a younger, attractive crowd, Fever Parties are known for their exclusivity and high standards. These parties are typically held in luxurious and discrete locations around London.

Killing Kittens

“Where fantasy becomes reality.” That’s the Killing Kittens tagline and they live up to it, rest assured.

This is a global brand known for its sexually liberated parties for the world’s sexual elite. They host events in London regularly, offering a safe and controlled environment for exploratory singles and couples.


London’s swinger and modern dating scene is vast, audacious, and full of life. For those intrigued by the lifestyle, the city is a treasure trove of opportunities, from high-end clubs and intimate gatherings to bustling online communities.

Despite its size, London’s swinger scene manages to maintain a level of discretion and inclusivity that’s welcoming even to the greenest of novices.

So, whether you’re in the capital on business, for pleasure, or you’ve just made the move here, you’ll discover that London is a remarkably swinger-friendly locale, ready to welcome you with open arms into its vibrant fold.